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Izaya at the Minor Injury Meme. Whatever side he's on, this face applies.
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Izaya at the Captive Meme. You know you want to.
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Izaya at the Too Hot meme. (No, srsly, it's about the weather.)
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sup guys, i've never posted here before and have just lurked around, so i decided to finally change that. i'm aki and i mostly just play izaya but i have a repertoire of drrr girls tucked away for the right meme, too.

here's izaya at the picture prompt meme and izaya at the tlc meme (lol).

and p.s. if i owe you tags, i'm getting to them today finally! sorry for the wait. :')
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Aaaaaand because I have no self-control, have this guy, too:
teen!Izaya at the Someone's Asleep in My Bed meme.
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I have on offer:

Patient Aoba


Patient Mikado

My kingdom for another Mikado to be a hallucination-type thing. 8D
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New muse, please be gentle~♥

Teen!Izaya at the cursed gift meme!
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a little late on both but Mikado at the Magical Mishap and Abrupt Kissing memes.

I like cute things okay
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I don't meme much, so here, have at. Masaomi at the Mindfuck Meme.
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Kasuka here at The Be My Therapist Meme~!
You know he needs the help. And clearly he would be the best linefacey therapist. :|
Let's face it, the whole cast needs that meme...
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Two memes for Kasuka on this account:


Party meme
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Er, so since someone talked me into trying out an Aoba, I've tossed him on the prostitute meme. Because what better way to try out a new character? Here's that one.

Now for Mikado links:

Also prostitute meme.
Pillow fort meme.
BDSM lifestyle meme
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Ran Izumii @Organized Crime Meme.

And nobody was surprised.
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The sex shop meme -> Kasuka | [personal profile] heiwajima_kasuka

While I'm hardly expecting smut with this guy, obviously mature content is obvious.
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The Dollhouse Meme -> Kasuka [personal profile] heiwajima_kasuka
This is so perfect, I can't even.

Potential mature content down the line! You have been warned.
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