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in Soviet Russia, memes post YOU

Okay, so pretend this place isn't long dead.

Vorona at the Woke Up In Jail meme and the I'd Hit That meme.
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[personal profile] kida2015-01-12 07:07 pm

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Well, it's only been forever, and I really don't know if I can still Masaomi, but... let's try.
Masaomi at the anon dare meme.
蒼天已死 etc!

Also at dear_mun because apparently this is like back to the ghost of Christmas future or whatever.

And at the hurt me meme - warning for sexual and violent content!
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Izaya at the random scenario meme!

ETA: and also at the 'I have a type' meme. Couldn't resist.
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Okay, yes, I'll stop spamming but Izaya at the "I'm your Christmas present" meme.

It had to be done.


No, I lied, I just wanted to do it. >_>
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OH RIGHT let's blow some life back into this place now that the new anime will hopefully revive the fandom!

Izaya at the IC gift giving meme.
Coupons for hotpot dinners accepted.
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Because internet is finally working again and I have nothing else to do at midnight on a Wednesday.

Some zombie AU thing idek

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Mikado unwillingly at the date auction meme trainwreck desu
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 Let's... try this again..... >_>

Izaya at the forced cooperation meme~

Christmas memes naturally

Mikado at the mistletoe and winter fun memes

Namie at the mistletoe meme


(fixed html gj self)

(no subject)

Kasuka on the Never Have I Ever meme.
Because he's the best at games.


Namie at the Caught in the Rain and Zombie Apocalypse memes idk.

voice-testing be gentle? |D;;;
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Izaya at the Minor Injuries Meme~
ETA: And at the Snow Day Meme, why not?

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bb!Kasuka at the beauty pageant meme. This was inevitable.

(no subject)

Kasuka at the IC Anon Questions meme. (Yeah, I don't know what I think anybody can get out of that, either. XD)

(no subject)

Kasuka at the kidnapped meme.
Secretly wishing for Orihara twins, but everyone is very welcome!