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Name:Durarara!! Central
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Linkdump for DRRR!! RP on DW.

池 袋 にようこそ~
a place where you can post links to open DRRR!! RP on Dreamwidth

This community is not a game. It's not meant to be used for RP at all. It's simply a place where you can post links to threads in memes, museboxes, dear_mun etc. where your Durarara!! muses are looking for company from castmates (and others).

You don't have to join the community to post here. There are only a few rules to keep in mind:
  • Please only link to specific threads where your DRRR!! muses are active. A link to your whole musebox is kind of pointless. A link to an open thread by a DRRR!! muse in your musebox is not.

  • Only link to threads started by a DRRR!! muse. AU versions of characters are perfectly acceptable, as are OCs set in the DRRR!! universe.

  • The thread you link to must be on Dreamwidth. It must be visible to all DW members, and all DW members must be able to reply. Age restrictions are fine, of course, but please don't link to anything that's members only.

  • If you're linking to something with adult content, excessive violence, etc. etc., please be courteous and post a warning with your link.

  • Everyone has their own interpretation of a character. Respect that. If you don't like what other people are doing, no one's making you tag them. Play nice.

Once more, a quick reminder that this community itself is not for RPing in. If you want to use it for OOC discussions about stuff happening in the links you're posting, though, that's fine.

Let's all have fun together and keep this awesome fandom alive!

Interests (86):

akabayashi, anri sonohara, aoba kuronuma, aozaki, celty sturluson, chikage rokujo, chikage rokujou, dennis, drrr, drrr!!, durarara, durarara!!, erika karisawa, hanejima yuhei, hanejima yuuhei, harima mika, haruna niekawa, heiwajima kasuka, heiwajima shizuo, hijiribe ruri, horada, igor, ikebukuro, izaya orihara, jinnai yodogiri, kadota kyohei, kadota kyouhei, kamichika rio, karisawa erika, kasuka heiwajima, kida masaomi, kinnosuke kuzuhara, kishitani shingen, kishitani shinra, kuronuma aoba, kururi orihara, kuzuhara kinnosuke, kyohei kadota, kyouhei kadota, mairu orihara, masaomi kida, mika harima, mikado ryugamine, mikado ryuugamine, mikajima saki, namie yagiri, nasujima takashi, niekawa haruna, orihara izaya, orihara kururi, orihara mairu, rio kamichika, rocchi, rokujo chikage, rokujou chikage, ruri hijiribe, ryo takiguchi, ryou takiguchi, ryugamine mikado, ryuugamine mikado, saburo togusa, saburou togusa, saki mikajima, seiji yagiri, shiki, shingen kishitani, shinra kishitani, shizuo heiwajima, simon brezhnev, slon, sonohara anri, takashi nasujima, takiguchi ryo, takiguchi ryou, tanaka tom, togusa saburo, togusa saburou, tom tanaka, vorona, walker yumasaki, yagiri namie, yagiri seiji, yodogiri jinnai, yuhei hanejima, yumasaki walker, yuuhei hanejima
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